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Pop Art Painting or Marker Picture
Light And Dark C by MinorasPatchworkArt
Sparks by MinorasPatchworkArt
Stripes and Spirits (Goth Brush test) by MinorasPatchworkArt
Descent into Madness (Version A) by MinorasPatchworkArt
Touki B by MinorasPatchworkArt
Petals by MinorasPatchworkArt
Extra charge to have it shipped to you. Just note me beforehand.
Please read my Commission Rules/Guidelines

Big Eye or SemiRealistic Bust or Torso Pencil Drawing with Light Shading
Opal's Moon by MinorasPatchworkArt
Ann by MinorasPatchworkArt
Young Vampire  by MinorasPatchworkArt
Big eye or sweet Traditional art. 

Note me if you want the original. It will cost extra.
Pop Art Cartoon and Tea Style Cartoon Lineart
Please read my Commission Rules/Guidelines

Regular or Pop styled

traditional Lineart 

Big Eye or SemiRealistic Bust or Torso Traditional lineart
Marcus Brush Test by MinorasPatchworkArt
Christmas Card by MinorasPatchworkArt
Cardinal Sad by MinorasPatchworkArt
Red by MinorasPatchworkArt
Big Eye But or torso traditional lineart. You can instead pay $3 paypal if desired.
Interested in having the original shipped to you? Message me.
Please read my Commission Rules/Guidelines 

Voodoo Style Lineart, sketch or Colored
Andrea by MinorasPatchworkArt
4 Doll by MinorasPatchworkArt
Voodoo Valentine by MinorasPatchworkArt
Gt Voodoo by MinorasPatchworkArt
Will be cleaner than these.

Please read my Commission Rules/Guidelines

Colored upon request

Grab Bag
Bright Lights by MinorasPatchworkArt
Andrea by MinorasPatchworkArt
Marcus Brush Test by MinorasPatchworkArt
Merdoodle by MinorasPatchworkArt
Gypsy by MinorasPatchworkArt
You choose a theme or one of my OC's for my next picture

I may use any style and coloring, but you may suggest your favorites.

Please read my Commission Rules/Guidelines
Sketch Sheet 4+ Sketches
Tarin Sketch Sheet by MinorasPatchworkArt
Sketch Page Example by MinorasPatchworkArt
Sketch sheet digital or traditional . Will contain at least  4 sketches.

Please read my Commission Rules/Guidelines

Fall 2014 I got very sick. I postponed surgery until early 2015. It was a long recovery. Afterwards I thought I was finally doing well enough that maybe someday I could have a life of my own. It took months but I got a job as a home care worker, helping elderly and disabled people in their homes. I did great. ...until mid summer. I got heat stroke on a regular basis 2-3 days each week. I stopped being able to eat and drink, which happens to me sometimes as part of my lifetime illness. So I started fluid infusions. I even ran them myself at home and continued to work.
Then one day I barely made it to work. The client didn't answer the doorbell, but I couldn't get up or get out my phone. It was 112 degrees farenheit. I have s history of TIAs, mini strokes, I laid on the cement for half an hour. I finally got the energy to call someone. I called work to cancel, they called the client to help me inside the house. I called my mother to drive the hour to pick me up. I couldn't drink anything. Work wasn't going to send someone to replace me that day and the client, not the spouse whom let me in, was paralyzed and needed to go to the hospital. So I stayed and lifted him onto a sling and helped put him in the stretcher for the ambulance, which is probably where I should've  been.
I took a break from work to recover from the heat. Fall came I talked about going back to work, so my doctor ordered me to quit. She said it was too much for me. I quit work and now had no job, no money and was still not recovered.
It's winter. This is the longest I've ever been accessed. There was an infection over my port. They tried an iv, but wound up with a picc line. They are supposed to be "doubles", but there were no veins big enough for more than a "single". They used a scan on me and if anything happens to the tube in my arm, I don't have a single vein, even in my neck, that they can use, so they will have to cut my chest open to find one.  The doctor said Thursday that they may be able to use my port again. Which is especially good because the GI told me last week that I am not absorbing water through my digestive tract and she is concerned that it may be forever, but we never know. Sometimes I just don't absorb nutrients and that comes and goes. I'm going to continue laboring under the thought that it will just wear off.

The last few weeks I've felt better, way better. I'm still not absorbing water and am super stressed about the picc line. I also experienced fear for the first time in as long I can remember.(Other than intense worry over one of my friends) That was an experience. It's nice to know I don't fear much, but for the twenty minutes they spent trying to fit the tube through my last remaining vein separating me from major surgery, I realized what fear really feels like. I have had blood clots in my brain, leaked spinal fluid, had heart surgery and have an extremely rare lifelong illness, but that was the first time I've felt like that. ...Yeah so back to art. I'm done complaining. Back to life, your regularly scheduled program.


MinorasPatchworkArt's Profile Picture
Jade Luke
United States
Minora's Patchwork Art was a culmination of two artists' work Minora and Jade Luke
Now it is entirely the work of Jade Luke also known as Hotaru. WhyHotaru? It means firely and in its own country is the symbol of a delicate yet strong soul and a beacon of hope in the darkness. It is there to remind Jade to never give up and that even one little firefly can bring hope and light to the darkest of depths.

Currently Jade is uploading mostly cartoons, but it is always changing and all styles are available for commisdions upon request.
Cardinal Simple Cloud by MinorasPatchworkArt Cardinal Rub-A-Dub-Dub by MinorasPatchworkArt Left of this bio
Please help. The money goes toward supplies for the Christmas tree I am making for my local children's hospital
If I raise enough I will also start gathering funds to pay for Jade's physical therapy, but that is a long ways away.

About Jade Luke
Currently Jade is responsible for what you see around the site.
Jade has been physically ill since birth, and has battled a tall number of physical illnesses, never getting completely better. Although she has experienced pain every moment of her life, Jade is a generally happy person. Jade has used drawing as a method of pain management since she was a small child, and in doing such has drawn virtually every style of art known to man. Currently she focuses on a generic cartoon style, her own "Tea" style cartoons, the little known Big eye art and the occasional voodoo style piece. Although she has always loved to draw, she loathes coloring. Colored pieces are very rare, making much of her art look unprofessional.

Jade's constant illness makes work very hard to come by so she is currently offering commissions. Much of her art is hindered by a degenerative neurological/muscular disease which has cost her the use of both wrists and causes random loss of muscle control and neurological tics throughout the rest of her body. Despite how it sounds, Jade functions slightly lower than an average person most(60-70%) of the time. Jade's illnesses are often cyclical and get better and worse rather randomly.

Jade was lucky to receive a wish from Make-A-Wish several years ago and offers thanks to everyone who has made her life worthwhile.

Black Not Authorized To Use Button by AndromedaWaits
Please do not edit my work or claim it as your own. No selling my art in any way. Commissions are for your use, but not resellable. Read my commission agreement for more information

While fun, these tests are inaccurate. Please stop thinking that they are proof of your intelligence and just use them for fun/entertaiment.

Favourite genre of music: Rock-H
Favourite photographer: Zemotion-M
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Classic-H Ipod nano-M
Shell of choice: Ammonite-H


MinorasPatchworkArt has started a donation pool!
1,177 / 10,000
For supplies for my Christmas tree for the local children's hospital, and physical therapy maybe contents promoting my commissions. If you wish to donate money, please message me.

You must be logged in to donate.

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Ok, here's the thing: do you remember the  secret trade at :icontwilightlotus: you've joined? Because I've upload my pic almost 2 days ago, and I haven't got a single response from you. Not even a "gah I hate this" or anything. I understand you have a terrible illness, and I'm very sorry for it, really, but 
seeing that everyone else at the trade already has done their part, and even commented on each other' gifts and all, (for example, I already got my gift) this is a huge letdown for me. I already have barely any watchers, though I've been here for 4 years, and not getting any thanks or anything at all for half of the time I do a request/art trade makes me feel pretty much like a piece of shit, honestly. So yeah, here's your gift, I hope you like it...but that sure puts the little self-steem I already have down the drain...
Also good luck with your treatment and all.

Books Are Awesome! by HystericalMellotron
MinorasPatchworkArt Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
I have not been on I was very sick. Please give me a little time before judging me so cruelly. I was extremely sick and almost hospitalized. Two days is not as long as you are treating it to be. Please don't be so incredibly cruel to people. I worked hard on mine as well, I hadn't got a chance to look at yours which was only supposed to be posted yesterday, and you aren't thinking of how your mean words might make me feel. If your feelings are hurt, I would think you would be more delicate with the feelings of others. 
HystericalMellotron Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WUT? I wasn't mean to you, I didn't called you names, I was just expressing my feelings, did you even read what I've said? Sorry for feeling upset, and because you didn't posted a journal beforehand or anything, I couldn't really be aware that you weren't active lately on the site...
That said, I've made a donation to's not much, because I'm short on cash too (hey, I live in a 3rd world country), but I hope it helps...
I wish all the best to you and see ya...
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